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Video 6 – Strategies to Improve

Video 6 – Strategies to Improve



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” top_padding=”20″]Length: 11:35[/text_block]


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]At this point you’ll likely have identified that there is in fact a work life balance problem. You have been given the key warning signs and understand the importance of being aware of the problem so you can put measures in place to start to improve.

You have also been given the 8 key areas of life, so you now understand which areas of your life may need the most immediate attention to regain that balance you would like.

It’s now time to start putting the measures in place and implementing some of, if not all of the strategies talked about in this video.

The biggest thing to start with is identify where you are right now in all 8 areas of your life by analysing how you feel your life shapes up in each of the 8 areas at the time of reading this.

Once you know where you are you need to identify where you want to be in each of the areas so you can start to bridge the gap. The best way to bridge the gap is to set goals in each area of your life and this will be explained in more detail in the next video.

From there, other strategies to improve your work life balance are:[/text_block]

  • Make time for yourself
  • Take at least one free day every week
  • Plan at least 4 vacations in the next 12 months
  • Make time for the people who matter
  • Hit the gym
  • Get your sleep
  • Recognize the role of work
  • Turn off routes of communication to work when you leave
  • Create a stop doing list
  • Get organized, have a to-do list to work through each day
  • Stop being a perfectionist and focusing too much on getting everything just right
  • Seek out key staff members
  • Cut down on un-necessary communication
  • Learn to say NO!
  • Clean and tidy your workspace
  • Find a lunch buddy that’s not your computer
  • Carefully consider your work goals and tone them down a bit