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FREE 30 minute Positive Pyjama Chats

A Nurturing Community: helping You and Your Family Stay Sane, Happy and Healthy at Home!

Are you struggling at home? Feeling alone, and disconnected? Depressed? Or crowded with everyone at home and slowly going insane?

In this challenging period of social distancing, “Positive Pyjama Chats” is a FREE, on-line Nurturing Community, focused on helping You and your family to stay Sane, Happy and Healthy at Home.

Join us each Wednesday morning at 9.30am (Aust EDT – GMT+11) in the comfort of your own home.

It’s time to join us on the

Positive Pyjama Chats.

In our Positive Pyjama Chats You’ll Find:

  • Connection and Community, as we all come together to positively support and nurture through this challenging period of social or physical distancing.
  • Simple, everyday ideas to step through your fear or anxiety, into sanity. Putting you back in charge, so you can find your own inner calm, for yourself and your family,

So all of us can all stay sane, happy and healthy at home!