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The Foundations

Getting Started

Here’s all the tutorials you’ll need to use the 3 main sections used during the course. Come back here anytime you get stuck.
The Foundations

Week 1

An introduction to some of the foundational systems that you should be using on a daily basis moving forward in your life.
The Foundations

Week 2

Taking your daily habits a step further to allow you to see more balance and success in all areas of your life.
Defining Your Values

Week 3

Creating a morning routine to set the tone for your day and you entire life plus defining who you are as a person.
The Big Picture

Week 4

It’s time to get creative and think about what you really want in life. Plus some tools to help you get everything you want.
What's Your Why

Week 5

Defining what your big why is in life, why you do what you do every day and how to get your subconscious mind to go to work for you.
Deciding on a Destination

Week 6

Changing your attitude with a little gratitude and working out how to make the right decisions with the free time you have each week.
Your Brain at Night

Week 7

Using the power of your subconscious at night time and what are the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type.
Exercise the Mind & Body

Week 8

The human bodies movement and mobility requirements plus what you can do for your brain from just a few minutes of daily reading.
The Power of Habit

Week 9

It takes between 21 to 66 days to form a new habit. It’s time to find out what your bad habits are and how to form the right new habits.
1 Year From Now

Week 10

Reflection on what happened over the last 12 months, what’s to come in the next 12 months and how to challenge yourself every week.
The Kaizen Quarters

Week 11

Time to look at the shorter term, the next 90 days and bridging the gap with where you are and where you want to be in that time.
Track Each Step

Week 12

The power of planning with your daily and weekly reviews and how to track your progress every step of the way.
Bringing it all Together

Week 13

Your quarterly wrap up, joining the MindGaia community and how to find the perfect accountability part