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2 Year Goals

Lesson 3: Your 2 Year Goals



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Length: 7:17


75% of Week 9

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Create your 2 year goals, be aware of the considerations, fears and roadblocks, make sure you are flexible with changes and be persistent![/text_block]

Actions Steps


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Exercise 3

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  • Complete Your 2 Year Goals

    At this point hopefully you are a few weeks into your goal setting. Last week if you completed your 3 year goals and used the mind maps to break things down further you should be ready to complete your 2 year goals now.

    You may be able to take some of the smaller parts of your 3 year goals and these become your 2 year goals so keep that in mind.

    Remember to keep using the 5 step goal setting process throughout all goals and fill everything in on your Goal Setting Worksheet.

    Also be sure to fill out the goal setting matrix with your priority level of A, B or C and also your difficult level of 1, 2 or 3. Once you have this you can determine which resources you need to allocate to which goals and when.

    Think about if there’s other goals that must be completed first in order for you to start on a the next goal. Plus you should think about if you need anyone else to help you complete and achieve these 2 year goals.

    Try to list out any considerations, fears and roadblocks that may come up or have come up already in the back of your mind so you can address them early on. The only way you will see the true success that you want and deserve is by facing these considerations, fears and roadblocks head on and pushing through, around and over them.

    Make sure you’re flexible with your goals. Whilst 2 years out are shorter term you still need to be flexible as things change. You may have had a shift in what you want, you may find facts or circumstances around your goals have changed and you need to be fluid and move with these changes.

    If you are finding you are getting too much resistance with a certain goal then take a proper look at. You may find you have set a goal that is not really in line with where you want to head and you are really swimming upstream against the current. It may just not be in line with your values as a person or your ultimate life vision and purpose.

    Finally persistence pays off, don’t give up in the face of a little hard work or let fear hold you back. Get a copy of Feel the Fear and do it Anyway if fear is your biggest hurdle.

    Push on, lets get these 2 year goals written down so we can work through the 12 months goals next week. You should aim to look at your 2 year goals on a weekly basis as a reminder of where you want to head in the next few years. That will help with your day to day decision making and accomplishment of the shorter term goals that feed into these 2 year goals.