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90 Day Goals

Lesson 1: Your 90 Day Goals



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Length: 14:36


25% of Week 11

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Learn how to break your 1 year goals down into four 90 day blocks and plan the rest of the year out so you achieve your 1 year goals.[/text_block]

Actions Steps


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Exercise 1

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  • Complete Your 90 Day Goals

    Before getting started with the 90 day goal setting make sure you access the folder on Google Drive from the resources section above that will give you access to the Full Kaizen Success System worksheets, the action plans & the quarterly review templates (both of which will be discussed in later videos).

    Follow the instructions in the video by taking the template folder and moving it into your drive, then making copies of everything in there for your full edit access rights.

    Once you have all the files and folder structure set up correctly it’s time to start preparing your 90 day goals and breaking down those larger 1 year goals into the 4 quarters. The 1 year goals could be broken down in 2 key ways:

    1 – Numerical Goal

    If the 1 year goal has a numerical value attached to it then think about how you could spread that over the course of the year.

    For example if your goal was to lose 20 lbs of weight in the next 12 months then you would be looking at 5 lbs per 90 day block if you take 25% of the total value.

    However as suggested in the video aim to hit 35% of your yearly goal each quarter so in this case that would be 7 lbs per quarter.

    This gives you a buffer in case of unforeseen circumstances and any roadblocks that may appear along the way. If there aren’t any roadblocks along the way then you will simply reach your goal sooner or achieve even more than you set out to achieve which is fantastic!

    2 – Done or Not Done Goal

    If the goal doesn’t have a numerical value and it’s either you complete it or you don’ t then it’s time to consider how you can take this larger goal and break it down into smaller tasks.

    As an example if you are planning on having a holiday all booked by the end of the year then you could choose specific tasks each quarter to compete.

    It may be Q1 you book your flights, Q2 you book your hotels, Q3 you book all your activities and tours and Q4 you save money for spending when you go.

    This is just a simple example but look for ways to chunk the larger 12 month goals down into smaller more manageable bite sized pieces. This is the best way to take a large and sometimes daunting goal and make it much more manageable and seemingly easier to achieve.

    The 5 step Goal Setting Process again is:

    1 – Define What, Why and When
    2 – Conformity
    3 – Scope
    4 – Develop a Blueprint
    5 – Draw Up an Action Plan

    At the 90 day mark we do need to focus on all 5 steps however for this lesson just worry about steps 1 – 3. The other steps will be explained in later lessons.

    Once you have worked out how to take your 1 year goals and break them down into 4 blocks then fill out the next 4 quarters of your 90 day goals at the beginning of the Kaizen Success System Worksheet for that specific quarter.

    Remember to include why each of these 90 day goals are important to you and choose which of the 8 areas of your life they are in. Once you have filled each of the 90 day goals in, visually look to see if you feel you have a balance in terms of having goals in all 8 areas of your life. If you do great, if not why not and do the following 90 day goals make up for this lack of balance?

    Once you have all 4 of the 90 day goals worksheets filled in keep in mind you will need to be flexible and adjust as the year progresses. Also understand that the 90 day block you are about to start will likely be far more specific and detailed than the remaining 90 day blocks for the year. However you should still aim to at least loosely plan all 4 quarters so your 1 year goals are mapped out ready for success.

    We are really at the pointy end of the goal setting here so get this completed and we will walk you through the action plans for each of these 90 day goals in the next lesson.