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Your Breakthrough Goal

Lesson 4: Your Breakthrough Goal



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Length: 2:15


80% of Week 10

Lesson Objective

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Set just 1 breakthrough goal that would represent a quantum leap forward in your success, that will really push you to your limits.[/text_block]

Actions Steps

Exercise 3

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  • Create Your Breakthrough Goal

    Now you have completed all your goals right down to 1 year out it’s time to set that 1 breakthrough goal.

    Remember all your goals to date will represent incremental improvements in your life and will move you towards that ultimate life vision you have created and desire.

    The breakthrough goal is however just 1 goal that will represent a quantum leap forward for you. It must be something that will really push you to your limits! If you do manage to achieve this though your level of motivation will be unparalleled.

    For example your 1 year goal may be to increase your income by 20%. Well your breakthrough goal might be to double your income in the year. Obviously this is going to be a much larger goal to hit but if you focus on hitting your breakthrough goal you will almost definitely achieve your 1 year goal. In fact you will likely surpass your 1 year goal faster than you could ever have imagined!

    Even if you don’t quite hit your breakthrough goal at the end of the year, if you get close, chances are it’s significantly better than you would have done without if being set.

    It’s better to fall just short of a huge life changing goal than it is to achieve a mediocre goal so keep that in mind!

    Once you have recorded your breakthrough goal head to a printing shop and have this goal printed on a business card and place it in your wallet or purse so you see it every time you get that out to pay for something.

    Lastly make sure you look at this breakthrough goal 3 times every single day. When you wake up, at lunchtime and before you go to bed. And keep this goal in the SMART goal setting framework!