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Sarah Gowans

Meet Sarah:

Sarah’s life philosophy is centered on the principle that ‘attitude is everything’, and from here she empowers women to rebuild both their body and their lives.

Having been a dedicated transformational massage therapist for over 15 years, she focuses on the multifaceted connections between our thoughts, emotions, beliefs; and our physical body, in releasing tensions and helping women reach their optimal health, in body, mind and soul.

From her previous life, as a teacher of young children, Sarah brings creativity and fun as well as the love of adventure and discovery, to her learning spaces. Enabling students to discover the personal relevance of specific practices and tools, in their own lives.

One of Sarah’s favourite metaphors is that she “is the navigator and you are the Captain”. It is your ship, you are in charge, always, and her role is to help you safely reach new horizons, your objectives for your own health and your whole life. Gently stretching what you believe is possible for you to achieve.