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About Me

Training Future Leaders

Kristin Fan is a certified trainer and coach on personal development and business communication with over 20 years’ successful professional experience in Australian and international organisations. Kristin is passionate about using her superb communication skills to help professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds to find better jobs and become more confident communicators in the Australian workplace. 

This is My Story

Kristin migrated to Australia 20 years ago from Beijing, China. After completed her MBA at Australian National University (ANU), she worked in a B2B media company, before becoming a career adviser at a famous University in Sydney.

Kristin held various senior managerial positions during her career, which enabled her to develop extensive expertise in international relations, marketing, recruitment, management and career advising of staff from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

Today, Kristin is a certified trainer in career development and business communication; she is passionate about sharing her expertise with other aspiring professionals hoping to progress their careers in Australia’s increasingly competitive and culturally diverse workplace.

Training Outcomes

Through one-on-one coaching and group workshops, Kristin has trained and helped 100s of clients to revamp their professional CVs, prepare for interviews and improve their business communication and etiquette skills. With her help, many of her clients have found better jobs and fast-tracked their careers.

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